If you have any questions about the site and accessibility then please do ask us in advance of making your booking – you can contact us via email on or call us on 01736 850225

Our Business Philosophy

Pengelly Retreat is unique retreat-style holiday accommodation within the gardens of Pengelly Mill. Pengelly Mill lies to the south of Leedstown, comprises the main house, various outbuildings and nearly 5 acres of grounds. The land is extensively landscaped with an edge-of woodland feel and includes 2 lakes, various water-ways and a stream on the northern boundary. There is abundant wildlife especially in and around the lakes. The site is very peaceful, with no measurable noise, dark skies and yet is only 15mins from both north and south coasts.  

The main objectives of Pengelly Retreat are to create an environment for people to stay in which:

  1. Is a peaceful and relaxing haven.
  2. Maximises the potential of the beautiful landscape, especially around the lakes.
  3. Is inclusive to as many types of visitor as practically possible.

The Accommodation at Pengelly Retreat

There are two holiday accommodation units in the grounds at Pengelly, both with mains water and electricity: a lakeside timber cabin and a yurt on either side of the main lake. 

The car park is near the main entrance and the lakeside units are at a distance of 100 metres (cabin) and 200 metres (yurt) respectively from the car park.  The guest car park surface is of granite chippings, with space for 3 cars plus turning space.  The main entrance and car parking spaces are lit with electric lighting, and electric & solar lighting is provided along the primary access route to the units.  

Overall Approach

Our approach to the positioning and design of the units is as follows:

  1. 2 additional units are both some distance away from each other and the main house in order to preserve a sense of tranquillity and seclusion.  The cabin is around 100 metres from the entrance, car park and main house and the yurt is around 200 metres away.  
  2. Each unit only has one bedroom, to preserve the small scale of the units within the grounds. 
  3. The units are located on sites which are viable for providing key services.
  4. The units are located on sites which maximise the appeal of the grounds, provide views east-west, and utilise our primary environmental asset – the lake, with it’s abundant wildlife (brown trout, dragonflies, moorhens, ducks, water vole…).
  5. The timber cabin has been located on the nearer site (western lake edge) to maximise ease of access of this unit for guests. 
  6. The overall design of the timber cabin is open plan and single floor to ease mobility for guests.
  7. By keeping cars off the main grounds, we also preserve the environmental nature of the site.

Access Route to the Lakeside Units 

  1. The footpath to the lakeside cabin comprises a compressed sub-base of granite stone and 35mm chippings, with a top layer of 18mm granite chippings.   The footpath to the lakeside yurt is the same with an additional section of mown grass path alongside the lake.  
  2. The footpath is between 1.2m and 1.5m wide, largely flat, or on a very minor slope, apart from a small section as it approaches the lake. At this section, the maximum incline is 1 in 15 across a distance of 10 metres. 
  3. Seating is provided along the stretch of the footpath, to provide resting points.
  4. Sign-posts aid guests to and from the car-park to the units.
  5. The distance from the guest car park to the cabin is approximately 100 metres.  At the end of the footpath there are 4 steps at the entrance to the cabin, each a maximum rise of 150-175mm, with contrasted and visible nosings, with timber hand-rails either side. 
  6. The distance from the guest car park to the yurt is approximately 200 metres.  The gravel footpath ends at the lake and continues on with mown grass footpath alongside the lake.  The yurt is accessed down 4 stone steps with a timber hand rail on the left hand side. 

Unit Design and Layout (Timber Cabin)

  1. The main external door opening to the timber cabin has a minimum clear width of 775mm.
  2. The internal layout is open plan, with level access. 
  3. An ‘Automist’ sprinkler system (single head) is installed in the kitchenette area, to provide an effective, automatic and immediate fire suppression system in the case of an emergency 

Unit Design and Layout (Yurt)

  1. The main external door opening to the yurt has a minimum clear width of 762mm.
  2. The internal layout is open plan, with level access. 

Site Location and Accessing the Site

The site can be accessed by car and free onsite car parking is provided for guests.  Our postal address is Pengelly Retreat, Pengelly Mill, Drym, Leedstown, Cornwall, TR27 6BW.  However because of our rural location Pengelly Retreat can most easily be found by using Google maps which will provide you with the most direct route via road.  

The nearest railway station is St Erth which is around 15 minutes’ taxi journey from Pengelly Retreat.  Taxis can be booked in advance with St Erth Cars & Hayle Cars on 01736 754000

The site is located is a peaceful rural area of countryside.  The nearest food shops are the general store at Praze-en-Beeble village (5 mins drive) and the farm shop at Leedstown (5 mins drive), further facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and petrol stations can be found at both Hayle and Helston (each 10-15 minutes drive).  

Information for Guests

Welcome Pack

We send all guests a very detailed welcome pack via email before their arrival which includes information on the site, the accommodation and the local area with lots of recommendations on places to visit and eat out.  

We include information in both lakeside units relating to emergency procedures and who to contact in an emergency.  


We welcome all feedback from our guests and are always looking for ways to improve our offering.  

If you have any questions about the site and accessibility then please do ask us in advance of making your booking – you can contact us via email on or call us on 01736 850225