Lakes & wildlife

There are two beautiful lakes on our land, fed by the stream that forms our border, and home to wild brown trout and a whole range of birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Have a go at fishing or take the plunge for a wild swim.

We are very lucky to have an absolutely magical 5 acres of land here for guests to explore and enjoy to their heart’s content. We can honestly say we have never seen anything quite like the lakes and land at Pengelly.

The stream that forms our border also feeds two large lakes, a set of ponds and smaller streams that run across the land. This lush riverine habitat is home to gorgeous Cornish wild flowers and trees, birds, butterflies and dragonflies. We’ve found deer, fox and badger tracks on our land.

The Boat House and The Sail House both overlook the largest lake here which is a magnificent 200 metre stretch of water flanked by reeds and bulrushes with a mysterious wild little island in the middle.  It’s a real haven for birds with moorhen and ducks happily nesting here.  We often see a grey heron and even the bright blue and orange flash of a kingfisher.

Both the largest lake and the second lake beyond it and well stocked with wild brown trout.  We’ve had no success in catching any, they’re far too smart for us.  But if you’d like to take up the challenge then bring your fishing rod along!  Even if you don’t catch a fish, it’s a great excuse to put your feet up with a glass of something cold in hand and enjoy the views over the lakes.

Wild Swimming
Our largest lake is also a wild swimming lake, fantastically refreshing to plunge into on a really hot day.  Both our lakeside properties have steps into the water to ease you in.  In the summer the water warms up, so while it’s not exactly like a warm bath, it’s not as bracing as the Cornish sea either.  The largest lake is very deep and the sides shelve off sharply so you need to be a confident swimmer and swimming is at your own risk.  If you’re looking for something gentler then there are wonderfully peaceful spots by the stream where you can paddle and cool off your feet.

Pengelly Wildlife Calendar
For more on our wildlife, plants and birds at Pengelly Retreat have a look at our Wildlife Calendar which tells you more about the happenings each month:

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