Spring is, Spring is, Spring is here at LAST

Anyone with kids obsessed with Charlie and Lola will probably recognise the title – it’s the song which Lola and Lotta sing in the episode about hiccups. Aggie is a big fan and likes singing this at the top of her voice, which seems appropriate as Spring is indeed here at LAAAASST.

Spring in the garden

Blue skies in Spain


Since my last Postcard at the start of the year, we battled through a grey and chilly January, escaped the winter doom for 3 weeks in sunny Southern Spain and returned back to Cornwall in early March. Everything was still very “brown and grey” when we got home but at last the flowers are coming up, trees are in bud and Cornwall is waking up again with loads of festivals, events and activities for families starting up from Easter. Made us realise just how quiet things do go here over the winter.

Beautiful magnolia tree buds

Meanwhile it hasn’t been completely quiet here at Pengelly. Things are progressing gradually on the land and in the house. After getting rid of the gloomy line of leyland firs on our border, we have planted a small woodland of around 200 rowan, willow, hawthorn and holly trees. Just tiny whips of trees at the moment but they’ll grow. Jim and Ian have bashed in around 70 wooden stakes to create a new fence. Matt, our landscape gardener, Jim and Alex have been moving trees and shrubs around the 4 acres of land and planting has begun around the house. Billy has also finished some lovely stonework over the culvert which provides the new road access to our land.

What a lovely fence… oh and some new trees too

New stonework on bridge over the culvert

Inside the house, I’m still on a de-clutter mission to get our endless amounts of stuff under control and we’re painting the new annexe to get it ready for renting from May. Carpets and flooring are on order and the annexe wet room is complete with funky Cornwall tiles. Oh and we have a sofa. After sitting on an Ikea chair and a dodgy office chair for 9 months we decided it was about time.

Painty, painty, painty…

New annexe wetroom

Planning permission for our boathouse and ensuite yurt is now in with the council.. at LAAASSTT. So we’ll hear back by end of April whether we’ve got the go ahead to create our holiday accommodation. We’ve decided our yurt is going to have 2 rooms: a main bedroom/living yurt and smaller ensuite bathroom yurt with it’s own bath and tiny log burner. Bath in a yurt – amazing! Fingers crossed we get the permissions we need.

I’m also planning our next holiday. You can take the girl out of travel… We want to go to Isles of Scilly. Seems silly (no pun intended) not to as they are practically on our doorstep and look beautiful. Unfortunately accommodation seems to either completely booked up or crazy expensive: £250 a night for a safari tent. Really? That’s nearly Africa prices – but without the safari.

Chigley models/dents the new sofa

We’re also looking forward to having more friends and family visiting over the next couple of months. And who knows we might even get a bit more sunshine over the next few weeks. Yep Spring is definitely here at last.

Cornwall tiles in the wetroom

Happy Spring to you all. More news in my next Postcard 🙂