A Massive Muddy Patch

At last the diggers are here! And work finally begins in earnest on the land at Pengelly to get it into shape for our holiday houses. The Muddy Crew aka Jim, Matt our landscape gardener, Billy the digger driver and Gary the dumper driver have been working for three days now at Pengelly. Shifting earth about, withstanding torrential rain showers and basically making a lot of massive muddy patches.


It’s great to get things moving though and they’ve achieved a lot already. Our aims are to widen our driveway entrance, create a car parking area, build a new vehicle access to our land, fill in one of the ponds, take out unused decking and the out-of-control bamboo and to put in some of the service trenches for the holiday houses. Phew. A long list of stuff.


Meanwhile we are due to chat to Pete, our architect, tomorrow about the designs for our two ‘Boathouses’. So far we’ve agreed that we will stick to just two plots, one on each side of the large lake looking out over the water. And our two houses will be designed to make the most of the beautiful scenery with substantial ‘outdoors living’ areas. We’ve been inspired by the large covered deck area we have by our house which we use all the time – even when the weather is rubbish (like now!).

Winter has really set in here with heavy rain this week causing flooding on the roads. Oh right, now I get why you might want to have a 4×4 down here.. The Polo will have to do for now. Aggie is settling into her new preschool and seems to be enjoying it. She is also the one person who isn’t bothered by the rain as she gets to do more of her favourite activity: splashing in muddy puddles. As for me, I’m finding the time just flies by and I seem get about one ‘thing’ done a day. How on earth did I manage to fit in a full time job?


It’s feeling festive already in Cornwall with lots of the villages and towns switching on their Xmas lights this weekend. Can’t wait! The little village with Aggie’s preschool is particularly well known for it’s amazing Christmas lights. They’ve started going up but the big switch on isn’t till early December. So we’ll have to wait till then to see the slightly random ‘Christmas Cow’ light display in all it’s glory.

A Moo-ry Christmas to you all

More to follow on muddy patch progress & Christmas festivities in my next Postcard 🙂