Birthday fun, fizz and sunshine

The big news this week is that Aggie turned 2! Thank you very much for her lovely cards and to everyone who came along for her birthday tea on Saturday. She had a great day opening presents, eating far too many crisps and playing/fighting over helium balloons with other little ones. The oldies meanwhile drank champagne, ate cake and explored the Pengelly gardens in the autumn sunshine.


Birthday present from granny

Today is Aggie’s first day at her pre school today which feels very grown up. She’s got her own little rucksack (thank you to Auntie Emma & family) and lunch box to take with her. She will be learning a whole new world of things including what shoes to wear indoors and outdoors, how to sit in a circle nicely and how to eat her lunch properly, not just the raisins. I felt sad dropping my little girl off this morning. But she was fine and got straight on with the important business of playing with a tea set and creating works of art with the paints. While no doubt firmly refusing to put on an overall…

We’re also recently back from a week in Alicante in Spain, making use of the handy direct flights from Newquay. The weather was fab, sunny with temperatures in the high twenties, and our flat was right by the sea. Aggie’s highlights were having the beach next door, swimming in the sea with Daddy and a pirate ship in Alicante marina. Lowlights would include Aggie doing a projectile vom in a restaurant and a poo on the floor of a play park. Sorry residents of Alicante!! What would we do without wet wipes?

Back in Cornwall it’s all go again at Pengelly. Ant our tree surgeon friend has been busy taking down and pruning trees. Wow what an incredible skill that is! The most striking change is that the large but rotten ash tree by the gate has come down. Now we can open up the driveway so that cars can come in and out without risk of a scrape. It was sad to see the old tree come down but it’s great to have more light and room.




Meanwhile we’ve been looking at possible designs for our tree houses. Unfortunately, like many a client I can think of, we have ‘champagne tastes and a shandy budget’. We want our tree houses to be amazing! But we don’t want to bankrupt ourselves. The initial design we’ve been given was rather more basic than we were hoping. Probably not surprising given the budget we said we wanted to keep to. But I’m convinced that something beautiful, unique and creative doesn’t have to cost the earth. We’ve another architect coming round this weekend so we’ll wait to see what he can come up with for us.

More postcards to follow…