Planning Success & All Hands on Deck

At last, we have some good news to share re planning permission for our holiday tree houses at Pengelly. The Council have agreed that they can remove the Section 106 from our land.

Which means we are no longer restricted to agricultural uses only. Hooray! It’s not exactly planning permission agreed, but we can at least now apply for planning to build our holiday accommodation. Great news as we were beginning to think we may have to adapt our plans to goat farming/Buddha collecting.

So now our vision of 3 lovely tree houses and a relaxing holiday retreat is becoming a reality, it’s full steam ahead on preparing the land and designing the houses.

We’ve asked a local company, Carpenter Oak Cornwall, to come up with a tree house design and are waiting for the results. Jim and Matt, our landscape gardener, have started working on the entrance/parking area at the front of the house. They’ve created a fern garden by the stream to be the first thing visitors see when they arrive. The bamboo has been chopped down by our back garden and we now have a lot more light coming into the house. And Jim with some assistance from me (i.e. moving a plank or two) is taking up the central decking area. We will replace this with a walkway across the two lakes and small private deck for tree house number 3.

Meanwhile I am also undertaking the important process of planning Aggie’s 2nd birthday. We’ve bought a scooter in her favourite colour – purple. Birthday present sorted! We are sending out invites for a little birthday tea on 15th October. A delicious vanilla and raspberry cake topped with cream is on order from Let Them Eat, a really fab gluten and dairy free bakery we discovered at the Great Cornish Food Festival last week. Their cakes are AMAZING and kinda healthy with fruit, veg and no gluten or dairy. Highly recommended.

Aggie is already excited about the impending birthday fun and randomly shouts out “two weeks”, “CAKE” and “candles” while doing a little dance. Only 16 sleeps to go…